Computer jobs loom large in aerospace outlook

Image: Aerospace workers
Computer science plays an increasingly significant role in aerospace development. (Credit: Boeing)

The most reliable way to break into the aerospace industry of tomorrow is to learn computer science today. That’s one of the preliminary findings from a study that estimates how many workers will be available to fill future jobs at King County’s aerospace ventures.

The “talent pipeline study” is one of a series of sector-by-sector employment forecasts, drawn up for the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County by Community Attributes, a Seattle-based research firm.

The aerospace industry study hasn’t yet been released, but this month Community Attributes shared a draft version of its analysis with stakeholders. The University of Washington’s computer science and engineering department touted the study in a blog posting on Friday.

“What field has the largest total number of current employees in King County’s aerospace industry? Computer science,” the department said.

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By Alan Boyle

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