An R-rated ‘Star Trek’? It could happen online

Slave girl on 'Star Trek'
One of the sexiest characters on the original “Star Trek” was the green-skinned Orion slave girl, played by Susan Oliver. (Credit: Paramount / CBS)

Naked aliens? Foul-mouthed Starfleet officers? Theoretically, you could be seeing and hearing such things in the online-only shows that’ll be part of CBS’ “Star Trek” reboot.

That’s the word from CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone, who discussed what’s coming up on CBS All Access with Recode Media’s Peter Kafka. The online versions of “Star Trek” will be part of a $6-a-month subscription package.

“Star Trek: Discovery,” due to make its debut on CBS next May, takes place on a timeline that’s set 10 years before the events of the original series (which aired 50 years ago). The show will air first on television, where it’ll have to comply with broadcast standards. But then the series will move to CBS All Access, where the standards could be, um, looser.

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By Alan Boyle

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