Amazon wins a patent for delivery tunnels

Delivery tunnel
A diagram shows how goods could be delivered via tunnels. (Amazon Illustration via USPTO)

Maybe it shouldn’t be that surprising that Amazon has patented a system for delivering goods via a dedicated network of underground tunnels. After all, the Seattle-based company is looking into virtually every other mode of transportation.

But the idea seem ambitious, even for America’s largest online retailer.

Amazon has experimented with delivery services that make use of autonomous dronesbicycle couriers and branded fleets of airplanes and trucks. There’s talk of self-driving trucks, flying warehouses and a system that would let drones hitchhike on trucks and buses.

Even the patent for Amazon’s Treasure Truck leaves the door open for Treasure Boats as well.

Amazon’s patent application for a dedicated network delivery system, above or below ground, was filed almost three years ago. The patent was finally issued and published a little more than a month ago.

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By Alan Boyle

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