Crowdfunding fuels UW Hyperloop’s final dash

UW Hyperloop team
Members of UW’s Hyperloop team are ready for the pod races. On the left side of the pod track, from front to back, are David Coven, CJ Grijalva, Max Pfeiffer and Jasdip Singh. On the right, from front to back: Ted Coleman, Luke Marcoe, Nicole Lambert and Isaac Perrin. (UWashington Hyperloop Photo)

The University of Washington’s Hyperloop team is getting ready to compete in a set of pod races aimed at blazing a trail for a new means of near-supersonic travel – but they need a little help to get to the starting line in California.

This week, team members kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on UW’s Useed online platform to raise $20,000 for their quest.

“it’s paramount for our current and future success,” Luke Marcoe, the team’s marketing and public relations lead, told GeekWire in an email.

The campaign already has gotten into high gear: More than $10,000 was raised on the first day, thanks to contributions from just two donors.

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By Alan Boyle

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