Elon Musk sets timetable for Tesla trucks

Tesla Semi concept

An artist’s conception provides a speculative view of what the Tesla Semi might look like. (Jan Peisert Illustration / Peisert Design)

Getting the Tesla Model 3 electric car on the road clearly isn’t enough to occupy Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX: Today he tweeted the time frame for unveiling Tesla’s autonomous, all-electric Semi truck and a smaller pickup truck.

But wait … there’s more: The Tesla Roadster, which was the first vehicle the company put on sale, is coming back. And this time, it’ll be a convertible.

Musk’s timetable for executing the next steps of his “Master Plan, Part Deux” spilled out in a series of tweets.

Get the full story (and the tweets) on GeekWire.

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