Take a virtual tour of Boeing’s Renton plant

Boeing Renton plant
A screenshot from Boeing’s virtual tour of its Renton facility shows 737 jets being built. Hot spots on the image are linked in the application to videos, photos and other goodies. (Boeing Photo)

More than 5 million guests have toured Boeing’s airplane factory in Everett, Wash., which ranks as one of the Puget Sound region’s top attractions – but far fewer tourists have been inside the area’s other Boeing assembly plant, south of Seattle in Renton.

A new multimedia presentation is aimed at evening the score, at least virtually: “Incredible: The Story of the Boeing Renton Site” combines mouse-controlled 360-degree views, videos and photo galleries to show how Boeing builds the world’s best-selling commercial jetliner, the 737.

The tour starts with a 360-degree video shot outside the assembly building. As trucks drive by and workers stroll past, a narrator explains what you’re seeing – and invites you to look inside.

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By Alan Boyle

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