Intellectual Ventures’ incubator hatches out

Wireless power transmission
An array of LED bulbs light up with the power from a microwave energy source. Intellectual Ventures’ Russell Hannigan shows how blocking the beamed microwaves shuts off the power. The technology could provide the basis for wireless power transmission. (GeekWire Photo / Alan Boyle)

Calling all entrepreneurs: Intellectual Ventures is launching a new business unit called ISF Incubator to match up its inventions with outsiders who can turn them into breakthrough businesses.

The move is part of the Bellevue, Wash.-based company’s effort to escape its “patent troll” stereotype and capitalize on home-grown intellectual property.

“We have the inventions, the resources and the know-how, and now we need passionate entrepreneurs who can execute,” Conrad Burke, vice president of new ventures, said today in a blog post announcing the incubator’s launch.

ISF Incubator is an outgrowth of Intellectual Ventures’ Invention Science Fund, which has long focused on commercializing in-house technologies through spin-outs. The best-known examples include Kymeta, Echodyne, Evolv and Pivotal Commware, all of which take advantage of beam-bending metamaterials.

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By Alan Boyle

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