Uh-oh: Scary dog robots learn to open doors

SpotMini robot
Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robot props a door open. (Boston Dynamics via YouTube)

We all laughed at the video of a robot falling over while trying to turn a doorknob.

Who’s laughing now?

In the latest creepy video from the roboticists at Boston Dynamics, one four-legged, doglike SpotMini robot walks up to a closed door, seems to peer up at the latch, then backs away to wait for another SpotMini to come around the corner.

The second robot has a mechanical arm where its head should be. It uses a hand to turn the latch, pull open the door, and keep holding it open while both robots traipse on through.

The similarities to the velociraptors’ doorknob-turning scene in “Jurassic Park” didn’t go unnoticed.

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By Alan Boyle

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