EagleView aerial imagery venture expands

EagleView user
EagleView Technologies uses aerial imagery capture and data analytics to provide accurate property measurements. (EagleView via YouTube)

EagleView Technologies, a privately held aerial imagery and data analytics company headquartered in Bothell, Wash., says it intends to acquire Spookfish, an Australian company that’s in the same business.

The acquisition takes the form of an all-cash offer for Spookfish’s publicly traded shares, at a premium price of 0.08 Australian dollars (6 U.S. cents) per share.

The offer values Spookfish at about $89.7 million (121.6 million Australian dollars), according to public disclosure filings. EagleView already holds 10.49 percent of Spookfish’s shares, as the result of a 2016 investment that made EagleView the Australian company’s largest single shareholder.

“The price we are paying is for the approximately 89.51 percent of the remaining shares,” David Snider, EagleView’s vice president of marketing, explained in an email to GeekWire. That translates to $80.3 million.

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By Alan Boyle

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