The Riveter’s CEO and Elon Musk weigh in on stress

Elon Musk and Amy Nelson
Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s emotional interview struck a chord with Amy Nelson, the CEO and co-founder of The Riveter, a venture that created women-centric coworking spaces in Seattle and other locales. (Photos: TED via Youtube; The Riveter)

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk got emotional during a market-moving interview this month, Amy Nelson, CEO and founder of The Riveter, says she can understand the kind of stress he’s under.

“You’ve got a few more years of running a company under your belt, but trust me: I feel your pain,” Nelson, one of the leaders in Seattle’s community of female business founders, wrote last week in an essay posted on Forbes’ website.

The essay addressed a follow-up question sparked by Musk’s candor about the stresses of running a company: Can women CEOs afford to be as candid as Musk was? Nelson’s take: They can’t.

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