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General Fusion gets a $65M boost for power plant

Burnaby, B.C.-based General Fusion says it has closed on a $65 million equity financing round that will spark the launch of a program to design, construct and operate a demonstration nuclear fusion power plant. Get the news brief on GeekWire.

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Canada invests $38M in General Fusion’s research

The Canadian government says it’s investing $37.5 million (49.3 million Canadian dollars) in General Fusion, a British Columbia company that aims to build a prototype plant powered by nuclear fusion. Funding from Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund was announced today by … Continue reading

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Fusion ventures learn lessons about expectations

The promise of natural gas, shale oil, renewable energy and conventional nuclear power all pale in comparison to the promise of clean, potentially abundant fusion power — and that’s attracting increasing attention from science-savvy entrepreneurs. Almost two dozen private ventures … Continue reading

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Startups bring new attitude to fusion quest

The lab where a company called General Fusion is trying to spark an energy revolution looks like a cross between a hardware store and a mad scientist’s lair. Bins full of electrical gadgets are piled high against the walls. Capacitors … Continue reading

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Want to do fusion research? Here’s your chance

It’s not clear when fusion power will pay off, but there’s a way to earn a cool $20,000 in fusion research. And you don’t even have to be a plasma physicist or an energy entrepreneur. All you have to do is … Continue reading

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